Monday, 15 November 2010

Introducing Project Rain

To better understand what is going on in the Project Rain story I have to quickly introduce the setting.
Imagine a world where computers had their breakthrough in the 19th century and history went quite different from there on. Clockwork machines got more and more sophisticated and valves became the technology of the future. Mankind moved into space and colonized the entire Solar system.

An important stepping stone to the outer planets was the Jupiter moon Europa. Made habitable by skewering it with terraformers giant towers housing vast mechanical AIs, providing warmth and gravity. After a century the moon is covered in a city like a spider web linking all the terraformers with each other.

As the outer Solar system is colonized Europa's days of glory slowly fade away. But it remains a centre of interplanetary commerce attrackting all manners of entrepreneurs and criminals.
Once all easily terraformed places have been colonized tensions rise as the different power blocks eye each others territories with envy. It is only a matter of time until the Great War breaks out, a conflict that envelops all of the Solar system. The conflict goes on for years until in the end the super powers run out of money and the war 'freezes'
Now in this time of an unstable truce during a war that never officially ended, Europa has a second renaissance as a neutral port of call for the great nation states, corporations and criminal syndicates.

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